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Entertaining is the pride and joy of every Frenchy. We enjoy food, cooking and sharing brings so much fun to our lives.

With this series of French Table cloth and accessories, bring the fun and French Style to your home.

Inspired by the French Riviera traditional tiles or by the landscape of our Sea Floors... This coastal selection are classics to make any dinner party or lunch in the garden a happy and refined experience 

Care and Maintenance of French Table Cloth

A little care and attention are paramount to preserve the timeless elegance of your French table clothes from Maison Otto. After each use, delicately shake off any lingering residue or crumbs, a simple yet effective step to keep your table cloth looking impeccable.

When it's time for laundering, treat your table cloth with the utmost care. Turn it inside and wash it with a mild detergent in cool water. This gentle approach ensures the fabric's longevity and helps retain its vibrant colours, preserving its aesthetic charm.

For the best results, air drying allows the cloth to gently unfurl and dry naturally. However, if you use a machine dryer, select a gentle tumble setting to avoid any potential damage.

In the face of stubborn stains, employ spot treatments, but exercise caution and avoid using bleach, as it can risk discolouration and compromise the cloth's integrity. By showering your French Linens with this level of care, they will consistently adorn your dining experiences with their enduring elegance.

Styling Tips For Table With French Table Linen

Elevating your table with French table linen is an art, creating an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Consider accentuating your table with a centrepiece that exudes classic charm, such as rustic vases brimming with fresh blooms or vintage candle holders, evoking a sense of French provincial allure.

Embrace the art of contrast by pairing your French table cloth with napkins or runners in different hues or patterns. This juxtaposition adds depth and visual interest to your table setting. To let the table cloth shine as the centrepiece, choose classic porcelain or earthenware crockery that complements its understated grandeur.

Finally, remember the transformative power of ambience. Soft, intimate lighting, through the warm glow of candles or fairy lights, can transport your dining space to the romantic streets of Paris, infusing every meal with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

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