Art Works by Caroline Khelaifia

In 2006, a love for curating unique and quality European labels spurred Caroline Khelaifia to establish Maison Otto. Hailing from France, Caroline brings not just two decades of fashion industry expertise, but a lifelong connection to fabrics, colors, and designs that she's honed since her childhood days of cutting and crafting.

Raised in a fashion-immersed family in France, Caroline's innate creativity was nurtured from the very start. With a flair for painting and crafting jewelry and fashion, she's spent the last two decades honing her skills. Through her artistry, Caroline captures moods and plays with an array of hues. She embraces diverse mediums and noble materials to breathe life into her ideas.

Beyond her personal creations, Caroline enjoys crafting commissioned paintings that resonate with her clients' personalities and home styles. With every brushstroke, she transforms spaces into reflections of character and elegance.